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Step 3:    Skin youth Restore Mask 

Step 2:    Alpha & Beta Soap

Calming Treatment    

A unique Calming Treatment based on top high end Bio Engineering and Swiss Bio-Technology; developed especially for releasing all skin types from sensitivities. Ideal for seborrhea, redness, irritations, outstanding sebum control and regulation. Powerful histamine blocking; inflammation and itching. The treatment enriches the skin with Bio Flavonoids for calming activity along with soothing. Keeps the skin surface sterile and hygienic. Powerful Anti Oxidant and free radicals scavenger.

2 minutes

2 ml

2 minutes

10 minutes

2 ml

Step 4:    Prestige Calming Mask + Facial Massage 

Calming Treatment - 40 minutes

Step 1:    Welcome Massage 

Step 5:    Hands and foot massage 

Step 6:    Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizing Serum 

2 ml

Step 7:    Cellular Repair Cream SPF 25 

16 minutes

3 ml

Step 8:    Active Renewal Eye Cream 

5 minutes

2 minutes

1.5 ml

2 minutes

1 minutes

1 ml