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Peeling Treatment    

Peeling Treatment with Alpha Retinol mask is along with Solubilized bio-engineered ceramides, leading to regeneration of the epidermal barrier. Stimulating, vitalizing, energizing cells regeneration mask; removes the Cornea layer and dissolves the top of the Epidermis cells. The result is smooth fresh skin the will absorb all other cosmetics products like Powerful injector serum that Contains plant stem cells from Red Grape and CentellaAsiatica. Powerful Anti Oxidant and free radicals scavenger.

Facial Pre treatment* : 20 minutes

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Prestige22 Alpha & Beta Soap

Prestige22 Retinol Mask

2 minutes

3 minutes

15 minutes

2.5 ml

3 ml

Peeling Treatment - 35 minutes

Step 1:    *Pre Treatment 

Step 2:    Skin youth Restore Mask 

10 minutes

3 ml

Step 3:    Active Renewal Facial Serum

2 minutes

2 ml

Step 4:    Cellular Repair Cream SPF 25 

2 minutes

2 ml

Step 5:    Active Renewal Eye Cream 

1 minutes

1 ml