Prestige22 - The Perfect Facelifting Kit

The Perfect Facelifting Kit

Fast & Long Lasting Lifting & Firming

1. Prestige Lifting Serum 
Powerful fast Lifting & Tightening & Firming
Powerful fast and long lasting lifting and firming activity. Active within few minutes; provides restoration and long lasting recovery of the skin tissues. The result after 14 days is significantly reduced wrinkles with lifting, tightening and firming skin.
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2. Prestige22 Age Recovery 
Fills Wrinkles, Adds Volume Fast & Long Lifting
Prestige Age Recovery is a revolutionary complex based on 3 major actions: l Reduces expression marks and enriches the skin l Fast and long lasting lifting l Fills in wrinkles and adds volume.
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3. Prestige22 Retinol Mask
Energizing Cells, Regeneration, Removes the Cornea layer
Alpha Retinol mask along with Solubilized bio-engineered ceramides, leading to regeneration of the epidermal barrier. Stimulating, vitalizing, energizing cells regeneration mask; removes the Cornea layer and dissolves the top of the Epidermis cells, all this done gently. The result is smooth fresh skin the will absorb all other cosmetics products easily and evenly

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4. Skin Youth Restore Mask 
Powerful Firming Mineral Mask
Powerful firming unique mineral mask with minerals and French detoxifying Argile green clay. Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes together with strong firming , restores radiance and vitality. The mask contains the best cosmetics oils and plant extracts, enriches the skin with the highest levels of Vitamin C, Collagen, Proteins, Elastin, Squalane (omega-3 extracted from Olives); and special peptides to restore the skin's youth.
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