Prestige22 - The Perfect Travel Kit

The Perfect Travel Kit

A full treatment for a perfect skin

1. Active Renewal Eye 
Reduces Wrinkles Firming & Tightening
Anti Puffiness eye contour cream contains powerful Anti Oxidant and free radicals scavenger. Has a strong firming and tightening activity and improves skin tone, elasticity and density. Enriched with high content of Hyaluronic acid and binds tremendous amounts of moisture to the skin.
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2. Cellular Repair SPF25 
Reduces fine Wrinkles Firming & Tightening 
Full spectrum Anti-Aging and Anti Wrinkles day cream with Safe Sun patented sun protector. Reduces fine wrinkles along with firming and tightening activity. Enriched with high content of Hyaluronic acid and binds tremendous amounts of moisture to skin.
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3. Wrinkle Eraser Mask
3 IN 1 - Filler & Nourishing & Make-Up foundation
1. Fills in Fine Wrinkles and Pores 2. Multi Vitamins Nourishing Day Cream Facial & Eye day cream 3. Make-Up foundation For Smooth Marble Looks The perfect mask for covering and filling, perfect for events on the same evening and home use every day and evening. Highly nourishing with a silky feeling, conceals fine wrinkles and can be used as a foundation for make-up.
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4. Restore Night Cream 
Restores Skin Tonus Nourishing & Moisturizing
Night management complex with advanced active ingredients for restoring skin tonus. Powerful Anti Oxidant and free radicals scavenger. Highly nourishing with the best natural cosmetics oils.
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