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Detoxifying French Argil Body wrap Treatment

French Argil Green clay is unique, produced only in a special quarry in France. Powerful detoxify, absorbs poisons & toxins from the skin's pores and protects against environmental aggression and heavy metals. Very strong astringent; tightens and firms the skin’s pores and has a brightening effect.

Due to the rich amount of Hyaluronic acid in the mask; it enriches the skin with tremendous amount of moisture. Contains the best cosmetics oils and plant extracts, enriches the skin with Minerals, Vitamin C and CamuCamuwhich known as the plant with the highest level of Vitamin C in the world, Collagen, Proteins, Elastin, Squalane(omega-3 extracted from Olives); and special peptides to restore the skin’s youth.

5 minutes

30 minutes

Detoxifying French Argil Body wrap Treatment - 60 minutes 

Step 1:       Welcome Massage

Step 2:       Lactic Glycolic Body Wrap 

Step 3:       Algae Body Butter

25 minutes